Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Aaron Sorkin at The West Wing Weekly

I'm no connoisseur of television, but The West Wing is the best-written, best directed, best-acted, best-scored, best-lit drama I've ever seen.  A sad sentiment shared by many of my fellow "wing nuts" is that there will probably never be a show on television like this.  Beside the fact that Aaron Sorkin is a once-in-a-generation screenwriting mind, this show is also simply too smart for today's studios.

So when the podcast The West Wing Weekly decided to do a taping in New York, of course I jumped at the opportunity to go.  (And believe it or not, I kicked myself a little bit for signing up to sing in Carnegie Hall rather than attend the taping in Boston, too.  ...yeah, I may be a nut bar.)

I'm probably embargoed from talking too much about the live taping I went to.  But I wanted to write a quick note about the ending:  This is a picture of host (and actor) Joshua Malina (who played Will Bailey on the series), screenwriter and living god Aaron Sorkin, and Emily Procter (who played the beautiful Republican Ainsley Hayes).  We're missing co-host Hrishikesh Hirway, who is obscured by a head and a large hat on the left side.

Dear reader, I don't know if you like (or liked) this TV show.  Although it's been off the air for over a decade, it remains my favorite TV show of all time.  I sadly doubt that there will ever be another West Wing.

This photo, below, shows Aaron Sorkin reacting to a read-out of fan letters, all telling about how the show has touched them deeply.  Honestly, the lump in my throat was so large, I wouldn't have been able to read these stories.  As Aaron finally said, when it was over, "I'm not going to be able to sleep tonight."

Aaron Sorkin reacting to fan letters
Aaron Sorkin reacting to fan letters
Thank you, Aaron, for all you did.

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