Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Steak, bitch

When traveling for work and the Manager in charge of expenses has is having a bad week, steak is what's for dinner.

Welcome to Buckhead, Atlanta's New York Prime steakhouse, an ages-old steakhouse that seems to exist out of time.  Where even the old fashioneds are old-fashioned.  I felt that I should need a smoking jacket to be allowed into this place.

Anyway, for a steakhouse that cares not for bullshit, I present a few pictures with less bullshit than most of my posts.  (Still some bullshit, because I need to make them uniquely mine.)

Bacon.  It's what's for dinner.
Porterhouse for two, for one?  Yes, please.
one large fry, one large onion ring, two pieces of steak
"Hi, can I get a Porterhouse, one large fry, and one large
onion ring?"
"Large fries, large onion rings...."
"No, one large fry, one large onion ring."

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